The Bronze Scar


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Am I crazy?

People with post-traumatic disorders often ask themselves this question. The inability to control actions, memories, anxiety, and other aspects of PTSD can make the one who suffers feel like they are crazy, but the answer is no. All of these things are normal PTSD responses. It isn’t easy to reconcile “who I am now” with “what I’ve become” compared to “who I was” and “how I acted” before all of this.

The Bronze Scar will help those with PTSD know they are not alone. Steve West pulls no punches. He never hides his faults while being completely transparent and speaking from his heart. The book is a powerful account of what goes through his head and how he feels at any given moment. Those with PTSD will easily recognize these thoughts and feelings in themselves. Gaining insight can make it easier to explain to others.

The book will also help families, friends, and colleagues who deal with the imbalances daily by detailing Steve’s experiences. If people can better understand what really happens when someone with PTSD finds their anxiety on the rise, it will help them respond in helpful, non-judgmental ways.

One of the great disadvantages of living with a person with PTSD is not having a point of reference. Being unable to relate to a loved one with PTSD causes frustration. The one with PTSD often lashes out and hurts those who invest in them the most.

This book helps explain how PTSD feels, then those who suffer and their families can, hopefully, understand each other a little better. It leads to the point where we can talk intelligently about this experience and that is a sufficiently positive starting point.

Perhaps you are unsure if you have PTSD and have therefore not sought help. If you identify with what Steve shares, perhaps it will lead you to seek help. You can’t do it alone. It takes a group of people who are committed to supporting you. Not everyone can be cured, but everyone can find a certain level of healing. This healing stems from an understanding of the inner turbulence and the external manifestations of PTSD. There is comfort in realizing you are not alone.